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Why Brand Image Is Important

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Why Brand Image is Important

We look at why brand image is important and how customer’s perception of your brand based on their interactions can affect your business.

New clients always ask us why brand image is important? and the answer is simple. Image is important in any business but there are two types, positive and negative. A positive image attracts customers and a negative image will push customers away.

Gone are the days when a company would just show what they sell, the price and where a consumer can buy it. People care about how that product makes their life better but also about how the brand makes a difference in the world. Do you want to look like a cold corporation or do you want to express genuine care about how you help create a positive effect in your consumers lives?

A strong brand image creates more profit by attracting new customers. It will also retain existing customers, giving them confidence in your brand.

We break down in detail why brand image is import below:

What is brand image?

What is brand image?

Firstly what is a brand image? In short it’s what your customer’s feels about your brand based on their interactions with it. This can be simply the product buying experience from your company. But also the experience of using your product over a period of time.

It means the customer is not just buying a product product or service but also buying into the image associated with the product or service and the company in general.

Why brand image is important

Why Brand Image Is Important

A strong brand image influences customers buying decisions. It improves their perceptions of your business and helps the consumer to base decisions on values rather than price.

Consumers are not just buying your product, they are also aligning themselves with your brand. A positive brand experience exceeds the customers expectations and enhances your business reputation, making it more likely to be recommended.

Your image should enhance goodwill between you and the consumer and that will add to the value of your business.

How to build a strong brand image

How to build a strong brand image

Building a strong positive brand image takes time but also thoughtful planning. Identify who your key audiences are so you can craft effective marketing strategies which affect them emotionally as well as financially. Make your goals clear so you separate short-term and long-term goals and concentrate on what really matters first.

Your brand has to have a persona which your target audience can identify with. It should appeal to consumers and show the benefits of your products to them. Have clear and concise messaging that your customers can take away with them in a positive way.

Examples of a strong brand

Examples Of A Strong Brand

An example of positive brand image is Apple. Their branding strategy is focussed on improving their consumers lifestyles. They create products that are sleek, clean and are designed to improve enhance everyday tasks for people. From the iphone which allows consumers to access apps and the internet to high end computers for creative business, they are dedicated to innovating to giving you empowerment.

The Apple brand displays how they are dedicated to producing environmentally friendly devices. They have core principles of being sustainable but also innovative. Many consumers align themselves with Apples brand because of the quality of the products, service and environmental principles.

Measuring brand image

Measuring Brand Image

Measuring your brand is most commonly done by conducting market research through brand perception surveys. This type of measuring allows you to compile detailed information from customer behaviours to the overall brand experience.


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