Brand Discovery Audit To Find Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Brand Discovery Audit evaluates your brand identity, consumer perception and competition allowing us to recommend how to define and deliver better successful branding.

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    A strong brand increases the value of the company and creates more profit

    You have an existing business but you are not growing as much as you thought you would or perhaps sales drying up! One of the reasons can be that you are not connecting to your current customers and resonating with potential target customers.

    This is why branding is extremely important to not only maintain your customer base but also grow and maximise it.

    Our comprehensive Brand Discovery Audit can show you possible growth opportunities for your brand, and look at new ways to help your brand resonate with your current customers and target a new audience.


    What is a Brand Audit?

    A brand discovery audit is basically a health checkup to evaluate your brand’s position in the marketplace, its strengths and weaknesses, and how to strengthen it. … Internal branding — your brand values, mission, and company culture.
    Brand discovery is a crucial step in aligning your business goals with brand strategy and maximizing the long-term success of your brand. This audit evaluates the brand image, communications, consumer perception, and competition. It gives purpose, defines personality, and delivers promise through better branding.
    A brand audit health check helps you monitor this cycle so you keep your brand fresh and relevant and know when to reinvigorate or revitalise before sales start to slip. A brand audit also enables you to identify new areas for innovation and growth.

    A brand audit enables you to identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses together with opportunities for innovation and growth so if your profits are falling or sales are not performing a brand audit health check will help give you insights into your brand’s impact and performance in the marketplace and, most importantly, why it’s not delivering.

    A brand audit is effectively a health check of the brand to identify and address problem areas with a net result of helping you turn things around and grow your bottom line.

    How Healthy Is Your Brand?

    Here is what we provide within our brand audit service

    Brand Communication

    Brand communication takes place every time a potential customer or client interacts with a particular brand.

    Consumer Perception

    Marketing concept that encompasses a customer's impression, awareness, or consciousness about a company or its offerings.

    Brand Competition

    Brand Competition can be defined as the rivalry between the companies offering the similar line of products or services in the same target market

    Brand Purpose

    A brand purpose is essentially a brand's reason for being beyond making money.

    Brand Personality

    It is the set of human trait and characteristics assigned to the brand.

    Why do a brand discovery audit?

    A comprehensive brand audit will often reveal new growth opportunities for your brand, and new ways to make your brand resonate with both existing and a new generation of target customers who will represent your brand’s long-term future. A brand audit will help identify both the company and the customer viewpoint in terms of:

    • Business and brand resource strengths
    • Value of the brand
    • Awareness of the brand in the market
    • Deficiencies of the brand
    • New trends and market opportunities
    • Outside threats
    • New product development and future channels of profitability
    • Competitive standing in the market
    • Perception, image, reputation and attitude to the brand in the market
    • Effectiveness of brand management efforts
    Brand Audit

    Deliverables of a Brand Audit

    Essentially a brand audit will reveal how the customer perceives your brand, how your brand compares to the competition and how your brand has performed. The outputs will typically support the following:

    • Improve and refocus brand management efforts and congruency
    • Enhance internal staff brand awareness
    • Sharpen marketing communications both on and offline
    • Provide insight into your brand architecture, business structure and brand portfolio
    • Evaluate and refocus your brand positioning
    • Ensure your brand collateral is congruent and delivers return on investment
    • Provide direction for your brand into the future
    • Secure and grow the value of your brand/business through consistent implementation of recommendations derived from brand audit findings
    • Review of existing research
      Includes: All strategic documents, business intent documentation, design and communications material dating back to the origin of organization or brand
    • Follow-up requests for further documentation (as needed)
    • Recommendations regarding existing work and opportunities
    • Brand Audit Report (and training)
    Brand Deliverables

    Auditing to your business goals

    We discovery audit your brand to your specific requirements, company goals, consumer perception, and competition so you are best equipped to:

    • Solidify brand values
    • Improve company culture
    • Increase market share
    • Stand out from your competition more
    • Potential higher revenues
    • Enhance credibility, customer trust, and market recognition
    • Ensure you maintain relevance in the marketplace
    • Increase IP brand asset value
    Brand Goals

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