Brand Guidelines & Standards To Keep Your Branding Consistent

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    Defining The Rules for your Brand

    Brand guidelines are clearly defined rules and standards that communicate how your brand should be represented to the world. Brand guidelines help businesses ensure consistency and demonstrate what the company is, what it does, and what it stands for.

    Why are brand guidelines important? Regardless of the size of your company, brand guidelines are a key tool to help ensure brand consistency. Customers perceptions are hugely important to brands and as a result, brand image and identity must be clear and consistent throughout their marketing. Without guidelines, brands can develop and distort over time potentially damaging your brand value and reputation.


    What's Included in Brand Guidelines?

    Starting with your brand statement and brand vision, we also identify your specific brand values. Also included are instructions on which logo you will use in the majority of situations as well as when to use a variation of that logo. Primary colour references are provided for use on print and online. Typefaces (Fonts) will be chosen for your branding and will be used across the various marketing materials.

    We also provide icons for your products or services, basic marketing templates to be used on an ongoing basis and lastly, we create templates of social media graphics to be used and built upon.

    Consistently Memorable

    Here is what we provide within our brand guidelines service

    Vision Statement

    We write a vision statement outlining what your company wants aspires to become in the future

    Brand Values

    We define your brands core values, from the voice of your brand to the relationships between you and your customers

    Logo Usage

    We create a guide to how to use your logo in the correct manner to keep consistency throughout your brand

    Colour Profiles

    We set out the main and extended colours that your brand will be using with colour references for print and web


    We define the typefaces your business will be using on the various marketing materials promoting your company


    We create corporate icons to be used throughout your branding to symbolise your goods or services

    Basic Marketing Materials

    We design letterhead, business cards, brochure and flyer layout designs using your branding

    Social Media

    We create a series of templates for posting graphics on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin


    We choose and define the photo styles that fits with your branding and best shows off your brand values

    Promotional Item Materials

    We design layout templates for promotional items including mugs, bags and clothing using your branding

    Exhibition Branding

    We create exhibition design templates including banners, flags and wall graphics using your branding

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost for Brand Guidelines?

    The cost is calculated and depends on many factors which include: the amount of work that goes into the guidelines, the value the guidelines bring to the business, how large the business is and so on. Contact us directly for a quote.

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