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Defining Your Website Project Scope

By 27th March 2022April 23rd, 2022No Comments
Defining Your Website Project Scope

A clear website project scope is important to reach the goals of your the client but also the needs of your customers.

Costs and time frame of a website build are the most common factors in determining a client wants us to build a website for them. “How much will it cost and when can it be live?” is usually how we are asked, the answer is not so simple.

In order fo us to give an accurate estimation we need to discuss two very essential factors, functionality and content. Functionality being the technical requirements of the website for an excellent user experience. Content is the information that visitors come to your website for and also there to achieve your website goals.

A clearly defined website project scope identifies your requirements for the site and what is included but also identifies the things that are not needed

Let’s define the scope of your website project by breaking it into two parts: functionality and content.



Functionality is basically what you want your website to do on a technical level. How the features will work and what you want to gain from them.

What are the features you want to have on your website? These can include:

  • Forms for collecting data from users to provide them with specific information.
  • Social sharing buttons for visitors to share your website content on other platforms
  • Events Calendars
  • Specific search functionality
  • Online store to sell your products
  • Location map
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Social media embed feed

The functionality your website has should be defined by your website goals and your audience needs.



When it comes to content on your website you should always focus on your customers needs first. With great content your users can consume you create a better user experience to keep them coming back.

Functionality is basically what you want your website to do on a technical level. How the features will work and what you want to gain from them.

What are the types of content you want to give users on your website? These can include:

  • Blog posts on specific subjects you have an expertise on.
  • Infographics to share visual statistics
  • Polls and Surveys to gain feedback and much needed insights into your customers needs
  • Articles
  • Slideshows
  • E-Books

Creating rich content on your website can take time and should be considered in the project scope. The amount of content required to be made will have an impact on the cost of a website build but also going forward, content will be something that is required on a consistent basis.


Discuss your website needs with us including functionality and content, so we can give you the best estimated time for completion and the costs involved. Contact us and we’ll help you succeed. Follow us on our socials including instagram, twitter and linkedin for tips and advice.


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