Corporate Branding Design

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Our Corporate Branding Design Package is the ideal choice for large corporations who want a distinctive brand identity perceived by the world

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Global Brand Distinction

As an individual, you are unique and so should your business be! It sets you apart from the competition and makes you stand out from the crowd. Our Corporate Branding Design package strives to show your uniqueness in the marketplace.

We include Logo Design which is the cornerstone of your brand identity. Our design aims to make clearly communicate who you are and what you do, make it visually appealing to customers and has a lasting impression on them.

As well as a Logo we provide 12 other essential brand identity elements in this package – Logo Usage, Colour Profiles, and Typography. We work with you to create a one-sheet brand guideline to work from so you know how your logo should be used on marketing materials, what colour references you should be using and what fonts you should only use so that whatever you produce to market your company it is consistent throughout.

Logo Design Included

We design a logo or corporate identity that will visualise your business going forward

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Brand Guidelines Included

Sixty page brand guidelines rules for your company to live and die by

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Making you stand out from crowd

We make it easy to work with us using a simple 3 step process to create your logo


We have a chat about your business and what you are aiming to achieve

Idea Generation

We take the info from consultation and create 3 logo mockups to choose from

Final Design

You choose one of the logos and we refine layout, colour and text until approved

The Complete Corporate Branding Solution

The corporate branding package includes a sixty-page brand guideline because consistency throughout your business is key.

We start with your brand statement and brand vision as well as identifying your specific brand values. Also included are instructions on which logo you will use in the majority of situations as well as when to use a variation of that logo. Primary colour references will be supplied for use for print and for online use.

Typeface and font usage for your branding will be identified to be used across various promotional materials.

Lastly, we also provide icons for your products or services, advanced marketing templates to be used on an ongoing basis and lastly, we create templates of social media graphics to be used and built upon.

Mission Statement

We write a short statement for your organisation, identifying the goal of the operation

Vision Statement

We write a vision statement outlining what your company wants aspires to become in the future

Brand Values

We define your brands core values, from the voice of your brand to the relationships between you and your customers

Logo Usage

We create a guide to how to use your logo in the correct manner to keep consistency throughout your brand

Colour Profiles

We set out the main and extended colours that your brand will be using with colour references for print and web


We define the typefaces your business will be using on the various marketing materials promoting your company


We create corporate icons to be used throughout your branding to symbolise your goods or services

Advanced Marketing Materials

We design letterhead, business cards, brochure and flyer layout designs using your branding

Social Media

We create a series of templates for posting graphics on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin


We choose and define the photo styles that fits with your branding and best shows off your brand values

Promotional Item Materials

We design layout templates for promotional items including mugs, bags and clothing using your branding

Exhibition Branding

We create exhibition design templates including banners, flags and wall graphics using your branding

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