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Logo Identity Design for Home Improvement Company

By 14th July 2019December 8th, 2021No Comments

We recently provided Logo Identity Design for Home Improvement Company.

We created a Logo Identity Design for Home Renovations Scotland, they are a new company based in Fife, Scotland. They provide home improvement solutions for households. They needed a logo that could be used across all their marketing such as website, vans and uniforms.

What we did

They needed an identity that could be used to recognise what the company does as well visualise their brand values. So we designed a logo using there company name and housing with an outline of a builiding shape to give the feeling of comfort and security. Using two distinct blue colours builds confidence and stability in their brand and this passes into the minds of the customer.

The logo is a true reflection of what the company does and aims to do in their market place.

We created the logo so that it could be used across all their promotional material and social media.

Logo Identity DesignThe result

Working with Home Renovations Scotland was a pleasure and we hope that their new logo will create a buzz around their company and reflect to their customer base the ideals of quality craftsmenship and reliabilty of service.

If you are interested in having a logo for your new business or a new idenity for an existing company, please view our available logo packages


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