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Promote your business’s products or services with Email marketing direct to your customer’s inbox.

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    Personalise Your Marketing

    A business should use email marketing because it offers a direct and personalized way to communicate with its audience. It allows businesses to build relationships, promote products or services, drive sales, and enhance customer loyalty.

    Email marketing is cost-effective, measurable, and provides the ability to segment and target specific groups, ensuring that the right message reaches the right people. It also enables businesses to track and analyze campaign metrics, optimize their marketing efforts, and achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) compared to many other marketing channels.

    Send regular emails with relevant promos on your products and services to subscribers of your business.


    What's Included in Email Marketing?

    We discuss what your goals are, then create a plan for direct mailing subscribers through email promoting content, news, feedback requests and more.

    Be Direct

    Here is what we provide within our email marketing service

    Acquisition Emails

    Convert email subscribers into first time and long time buyers

    Retention Emails

    Stay engaged with your audience with feedback requests

    Promotional Emails

    Drive sales and sign ups with exclusive offers and rewards


    How we work with you.

    We make it easy to work with us using simple processes

    Consultation & Quote

    We have a chat about your email marketing goals then give you a quote

    Brainstorm & Design

    We brainstorm ideas and submit marketing ideas for your approval

    Payment & Delivery

    Once Payment is made we distribute the emails for marketing

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost for a email marketing?

    Each marketing campaign cost is dependant on the frequency of the emails and how large the subscriber base is. Contact us to discuss your requirments.

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