Table Talkers

Table talkers are relatively inexpensive to produce, making them a cost-effective marketing tool. They can be easily updated or replaced, allowing you to adapt your messaging based on seasonal changes, promotions, or evolving customer preferences.

Regularly update and refresh your table talkers to keep customers engaged and informed about your latest offerings or promotions.

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Product Overview

Table talkers provide a direct line of communication with customers who are already present at your establishment. They allow you to convey specific messages, promotions, or information about your products, services, or upcoming events directly to the audience at their tables.

Table talkers can highlight special offers, discounts, or new menu items, effectively enticing customers to make additional purchases or try something new. By strategically placing table talkers, you can influence customer decisions and drive sales.

Branded table talkers prominently display your logo, colors, and overall brand identity, increasing brand visibility and recall. They serve as a visual reminder of your business throughout the customer’s dining experience, helping to reinforce your brand in their minds.

Table talkers can be used to highlight specific menu items, specials, or seasonal offerings. They can help draw attention to signature dishes, recommended pairings, or limited-time promotions. Additionally, table talkers can aid in menu organization by categorizing items or providing clear sections, making it easier for customers to navigate through the menu options.

Table talkers can be strategically utilized to suggest complementary items, upsell premium options, or promote add-ons. By showcasing related products or suggesting pairings, you can increase average order value and enhance the overall customer experience.

This product is only available to deliver to the mainland UK.

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Paper Options

Our easy-to-use online ordering will guide you through your card choices.

You can choose cards sized 85mm x 55mm or 90mm x 55mm or select a custom size. Cards can be printed landscape single sided or double sided. Select from recycled or premium uncoated paper.

Our appointment cards are printed on paper weights ranging from 160gsm up to 350gsm.