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SEO Dunfermline is a consultant offering affordable SEO to rank your website higher for organic search results. We help increase your search engine traffic from ongoing monthly keyword research and use techniques to help grow your online revenue.

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    We Are The Leading SEO Company In Dunfermline

    SEO Dunfermline is a trusted and dedicated SEO agency based in Fife. We are experts in Search Engine Optimisation services, from ongoing monthly packages to a one-off SEO audit we have the option for you.  We can get you listed on the first page of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) depending on how competitive your industry is and the local area.

    Using our expertise and knowledge,  we can help your website rank higher on Google, increase search engine traffic and grow online revenue. All of our services are affordable and catered to each individual business to help them achieve the desired results.

    Get your Website Ranked Higher

    Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term process with the goal of getting your web pages ranking as high as possible on Google. To get into the top ten of results it can take months of ongoing SEO work including On & Off Page Optimisation, Technical SEO, and Content Planning.  

    SEO Dunfermline looks at what keyphrases potential customers would search for in order to find the services or products you provide. Then create a strategy around a set number of keyphrases and optimise your pages on your website so you are found high up on Google searches.

    Along with this, we fix any technical SEO issues on the website like website speed and image sizes. And lastly, we write SEO content on an ongoing basis for off-site submission linking to your pages to boost their relevance.

    Affordable SEO That Brings Results

    Three reasons why SEO Dunfermline provide great value for money

    Boost Sales On Website

    SEO focussed keyphrases that matter to your business bring more relevant organic traffic to your website. SEO Dunfermline optimise your product pages targetting specific customer based on search terms which will boost the chance of making online sales.

    Website Traffic Reports

    Every month of your SEO package we provide an analytical report to show how many visitors your website has. What location they come from and what pages they are visiting is essential to see who well your SEO is working.

    Rank On The First Page Of Google Search Results With Our SEO Services

    How SEO Dunfermline Works

    SEO Dunfermline provides businesses in the Fife area with search engine optimisation as well as web design services. Our SEO packages are bespoke to your own business because each company is different with different goals so we must approach each project with different tactics.

    What’s Included In Search Engine Optimisation

    To get your business to appear high on a Google search results page we first have to audit your current website. What we learn from the audit and your goals determine the level of work and input needed to make your website findable in an organic search.

    There are three main categories we look at in how SEO will help your website achieve success. These are On & Off Site Optimisation, Technical SEO, and finally Content Planning. Firstly On & Off Site Optimisation is where we look at the pages and key phrases you want to be listed high in Google and we make the relevant changes. Technical SEO is when we adjust and make changes to the coding, speed, and technical aspects of the whole website. Lastly, Content Planning is the ongoing process of creating new pages, adding to existing pages, copywriting, and making new content for the website then we ask Google to index your website or update the listing on their search engine.

    How Long For Results

    SEO results can come quickly but normally it will take time for any changes to your website to take effect. It can take months or even longer for the results you want and this will also depend on how competitive your business sector is.

    SEO is an ongoing process, we can perform one-hit fixes to boost certain pages but in most cases, continual SEO processing and monitoring are needed to achieve the success you are looking for. Remember that most businesses you are competing against online will also be hiring an SEO agency to achieve the same results you are looking for.

    On & Off Site Optimisation

    • Title & Content Optimisation
    • HTML Code Cleanup
    • Image Descriptions (Alt Tags!)
    • Semantic HTML
    • Link Building
    • Map Verification & Optimisation

    Technical SEO Audit

    • Google Crawl Errors (404s etc.)
    • Sitemap Generation
    • Full Redirect & URL Audit
    • Website Restructure (Rare)
    • Deploy SERP Snippets
    • Google Business & Structured Data

    Content Planning

    • Full Website Content Audit
    • Audit Competing Websites
    • Fresh Content Plan
    • Content Optimisation
    • Industry Content Marketing
    • Rich Media (Video, Audio etc.)

    Location-Based SEO Solutions

    We can perform location based SEO on your website

    Local SEO

    Local SEO is specifically focused on ranking your business higher in Google search for the location where you operate. Our SEO local service will get your business on map results above organic search results.

    National SEO

    Expand your business from local to national with our SEO service. We can help your business compete with other businesses throughout Scotland and the United Kingdom using specific and broader kyephrases.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost for Advanced SEO?

    The cost is calculated and depends on many factors which are different for every project and business we work with. It begins with an SEO audit to determine an SEO plan, which will include: how many keyphrases be listed under, the amount of pages to be optimised, title tag optimisation, link building, page speed optimisation (hosting can factor into this), content creation and more… Contact us to discuss your website and start the process of ranking it higher.

    How long does it take for Advanced SEO to work?

    In short it can take between 4-12 months for changes to take effect. The longer answer is based on all the factors that we discuss when creating your SEO plan. Targeting low-competition keywords, results can be seen within 4-6 months but for very competitive keywords it will take longer.

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