Linked Marketing for Business to Business Promotion

Linkedin Marketing is the perfect solution for growing business-to-business connections, generating leads and building a network of followers and customers.

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    Linkedin Marketing Is The Perfect B2B Solution

    Linkedin Marketing allows building and engagement with a community of professionals on the platform. We help you start your Linkedin page, create a strategy and set up a schedule of posts, grow your community on one of the best social platforms for business as well as drive traffic to your website.


    What's Included in Linkedin Marketing?

    We can help with the setup of your account if you don’t already have one. We can also optimise your profile, create content and plan out an Linkedin strategy for success.

    Set-Up Account

    We help set up the Instagram account for your business

    Define Goals

    Together we define goals including: increase brand awareness, get new leads etc..

    Research Demographics

    We research who your target market on Instagram are create a plan to speak directly to that audience

    Optimise Profile

    We help write your instagram bio, relative username and branded logo profile picture.

    Content Creation

    We generate ideas for your brand that will appeal to your customers in written and visual form.

    Establish a look

    We create a series of templates for posting graphics on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin

    Writing Captions

    You provide photo or video content and we will write relevant captions to boost engagement

    Hashtag Analysis

    We will audit your current hashtags and then curate a list of what you should be using for posts

    Engagement Advice

    We can create a plan for furthering your engagement using posts

    Linkedin Live

    Connect with your community in real-time over live video

    Post Scheduling

    We choose what are the best days and times for post scheduling your Linkedin content

    Influencer Partnerships

    We help you with promoting your brand through influencer building your credibility and exposing your brand to a new audience

    Linkedin Ads

    The best way to get your content in front of a new audience based on location, demographic, interests and behaviours

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost for Linked Marketing?

    The cost is calculated and depends on what your Linkedin objects are, the Linkedin Plan for your business, how many posts you are looking to have, the production of content for posts, and so on… Contact us to discuss your Social Media needs and start the process of building your Brand Awareness.

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