Web Design Services In Scotland To Help Your Business Thrive Online

Digital Brand Design is your national web designer based in Dunfermline, Fife. We build websites for businesses throughout Scotland so people can access your products online 24/7 and increase your sales revenue.

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    Affordable Web Design That Makes A Strong Impression

    We help Scottish businesses improve their online appearance with our value-for-money web design services. Wether you are selling locally or exporting across the world we have the experience to craft a positive website experience for your visitors.

    With over 22 years experience in providing quality digital services to our customers, we are proud to support local Scottish companies expand their business and increase sales with new websites built by Digital Brand Design.

    All our websites are built on the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) and a are responsive to work on mobile devices and desktop computers.

    What We Included Professional Web Design?

    For every website that we build for a Dunfermline business, we always start with identifying your online goals. These are important so we can determine how to build your website and what solutions we need to implement to achieve your goals. We create a plan to figure out the scope of the project and establish how long it will take and the cost to you. All our website use a mobile-first approach so your website is responsive across all devices your customers will be on.

    Having a website is only one step to securing online success, SEO is essential for customers to find your website on search engines. This service is an additional cost to website design but can be implemented at the same time as building your website.

    Lime Salon Website built by Digital Brand Design in Dunfermline

    Professional Website Design built on WordPress

    We use WordPress to build all our websites, its the leading software to build website and there are over 1.3 billions websites that have been built using WordPress. It is the perfect solution for mobile websites and desktop web experiences.

    Page Hierarchy Planning

    With your goals in mind we craft a user journey map and visually illustrates the user flow through your site.

    WordPress Installation

    Installation and configure WordPress CMS onto the server so your website is ready to be built.

    Website Design

    Designing the overall layout of how the website will appear online.

    Website Development

    Using our technical skills we create much needed functionality to the website.

    User Access

    We provide you with back-end access to your website if you wish to make changes.

    Website Maintenance

    We recommend that all our websites should have a monthly maintenance package so your website keeps running smoothly and is safe and secure.


    We Build Shopify Websites

    Sell online to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    What is Shopify?

    Shopify is an online service paid through a monthly subscription that allows you to have an online store to sell your products throughout the world. You can manage your inventory, track payments, and view real-time business insights from a single dashboard.

    Why use Shopify

    There are numerous benefits to selling directly online to your customers. E-commerce websites are low cost in comparison to renting and leasing bricks and mortar stores, and with an online store, your customer reach is larger with no geographical limits.
    Shoppers can view your products 24 hours a day and make an informed decision on whether it’s the right product for them, and with an easy buying process, it’s a hassle-free experience.

    Sell 24/7

    Your online shop can take orders any time of day making it convenient for your customers.

    Manage Stock

    Your products are itemised and catalogued into an inventory management system.

    Online Transactions

    Take payments from major credit cards or even paypal giving your customers choice.

    Global Reach

    Online you can sell across any country or continent without having a physical store located there.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost for a professional website?

    Each website we build is priced upon many factors, these range from what the goals of your website are, how large or small your website is going to be, what type of functionality does it require, if you are planning to sell products directly online and so on… Each business is different and unique in what they offer and so should your website. We give a set price with an agreed plan and time schedule, any amendments or changes throughout the project are priced as add-ons.

    How quickly can you build a website for my business?

    In short, if the website is very basic and barebones we can build one with a 2 week period. However for a website to work at its best for you it really requires discussion, thought, planning and an agreed process to build an online goal oriented competitive website.

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