Website Maintenance and Support

Keep Performance High And Your Website Secure From Cyber Attacks With Our Website Maintenance And Support


Need help keeping your website content up to date?

Wordpress maintenance and support is essential for keeping your website up to date and secure. Our websites are built on WordPress CMS software which runs on a server. That software needs updated on a regular basis much like a smart phone do. WordPress also runs additional software called plugins which need to be kept up to date also.

Keeping this software up to date is important as it keeps the website running smoothly, eliminates bug issues, improves security and can add functionality. With our support, we can help tackles issues your website may be having as a result of not being upgraded over a period of time, as well as small bug fixes.


What's Included in Website Maintenance and Support?

Every month we choose a date to log into your website, create a back up of the website and then proceed to update to the latest WordPress version, the latest version of any theme or builder software and also keeping the plugins up to date.

As well as updating the website we look at any bugs or issues that may be happening with the website due to conflicts of software. And finally we also provide some allotted time to make minor changes to the website pages.

Keeping Your Website Running Smoothly

Our maintenance keep your website running smoothly and securely

WordPress Update

We keep your wordpress version up to date so its secure and also has the latest functionality

Theme Update

Created or purchased WordPress themes are updated to the most recent version

Plugin Update

Plugins are updated to keep them working efficiently and be secure

PHP Updates

We keep your PHP updated so your website is secure and running well.


We provide support on issues you may be having with the website.

Page Content Updates

With our monthly package we provide page and content updates.

Keep Your Content Fresh

New content keeps your visitors coming back to your site to see what new offers you have which can also beat your competition online.

Security is important with more and more cyber attacks, websites are always vulnerable to new methods, so a regular update is essential to keeping your website secure.

The most important aspect of keeping your website up to date is to keep your google ranking or even improving it. Google loves to see active websites with new regular content and thus ranks them as more relevant than websites that languish for years without any work done on them.

Content Updates

We update and change text, images, blog posts from 1 hour to 4 hours maximum a month.

WordPress Upgrades

We keep WordPress and plugins up to date so your website is safe and secure.

Website Backups

We backup your website every month, week or day so all your latest content is saved.

Rolling Contracts

Cancel with just 30 days notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost keep my website up to date?

We recommend a monthly contract where we keep a consistency with updating and maintaining your website, contact us for pricing options based on how often you wish to keep the website up to date.

Can I just have a one-off update to the website?

Yes, absolutely we can update your website and then you are free to leave it as long as you wish before updating again.

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